miRNA Expression and Inhibition


品名: miRNA Expression and Inhibition

型號: miRNA Expression and Inhibition

廠牌: Biosettia




* miRNA Expression Vectors
Our pLV-miRNA plasmid is an optimized vector system for miRNA expression.
Lentiviral transduction is one of the most effective delivery systems to express miRNA, shRNA, cDNA, etc.
Our lenti-miRNA viral genome is integrated into its host chromosome
Our human EF1a promoter is unlikely to be silenced in cells.
Our rPuro gene product, expressed from the EF1a promoter, is the red fluorescent puromycin-N-acetyl-transferase.


* miRNA Expression Lentiviruses
General Preparation of our Lentiviral Stock
Shipping & Handling of our Lentivirus


* Vectors for Inhibition of miRNA
Biosettia’s miRNA inhibitor (miR-Locker) combines both strategies to contain two copies of single stranded nucleotides, each being perfectly complementary to the 5′ and 3′ ends of your target miRNA with a bulge between each region. These miR-Lockers are expressed from a Biosettia lentiviral expression system (pLV-miR-Locker), which effectively and stably delivers the miR-Locker sequences into cells, and allows continuous overexpression of the competitive inhibitors for long-term miRNA inhibition.


* miRNA Custom Services
Creating custom miRNA expression vector constructs
Generating miRNA mutants
Reversing miRNA precursors within Biosettia’s expression vector
Carrying out miRNA reporter assays
Validating potential miRNA-target candidates
Generating large volume / high titer miRNA lentivirus
Inhibiting mature miRNA via miR-locker constructs
miRNA functional screening